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Community Guidelines

Effective June 10th, 2020

The LOVIT Way Village ("LOVIT Way") is an online community of Aboriginal Early Childhood Education professionals, parents, Elders, staff and community members, stakeholders and funders of Early Learning programs for Indigenous children and their families.

This website has been developed by the Aboriginal Head Start Association of British Columbia ("AHSABC") for use in Aboriginal Head Start programs across Canada, as well as in other programs.

Our vision is to develop and implement a user-friendly, participatory, culturally-sensitive, self-valuation tool and process that is based on the AHS Principles and Guidelines, reflects criteria of high quality Early Learning Programs and involves the whole AHS community in the process of self-valuation and planning of AHS programs, by Learning to Observe, Value, Inspire and Transform your programs – The LOVIT Way.

These Community Guidelines are in accordance with our AHS Beliefs and Values, which involve treating everyone with respect, upholding a safe space for all communications, and offering helpful and relevant comments that support and honour other Village members and their cultures. See page 14 of the AHS Principles & Guidelines and We Believe posters.

On registering with LOVIT Way, new members are screened to ensure that they are representatives and/or community members of established Early Learning or related Indigenous programs. This stringent process may take several days but aims to eliminate the possibility of applicants with fraudulent and/or unethical intentions from being allowed into our safe space.

Participation in The LOVIT Way

Section 1: PEP

In the Program Evaluation Process (PEP), all Village members will be able to use the online tool for implementing the PEP. The intent is that you and your program community will participate together during the process. However, only the LOVIT Way Keeper or designated PEP Facilitator will be able to submit the final report and save it in your Program’s database storage.

All LOVIT Way Keepers are invited to participate in The LOVIT Way Share the Learning Project and to allow your program’s results to be used by AHSABC for for purposes of research and our ongoing assessment and development of the LOVIT Way PEP resources. Read more about our confidentiality standards and OCAP in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Section 2: Inspire

In the Inspire section, we welcome your curriculum ideas and suggestions to inspire other Village members in their program planning. Submissions will be screened for suitability and edited by our Community Manager. The submitter will be contacted if more details are required; final drafts will be approved by the submitter before posting.

Families in urban AHS programs represent many diverse nations and cultures. According to the Principles and Guidelines of AHS, the program strives to provide cultural experiences relevant to all community members. With our utmost respect for cultural protocols and differences among all Indigenous Nations, we have included the following Cultural Sensitivity Acknowledgement* that applies to our web content and all submissions being shared.

Section 3: Sharing Circle

In the Sharing Circle, members are encouraged to discuss their questions and ideas about the 9 PEP Components with other LOVIT Way members. For the safety and care of all members, posts will be monitored to ensure appropriate content. The LOVIT Way has built-in security features and filters. Flagged comments will be moderated and deleted if unacceptable, and authors will be tracked and notified or muted if the behaviour continues.

Community Moderation

LOVIT Way moderators have authority to remove content and, in certain circumstances, terminate the access privileges of a member, where the member's contributions to LOVIT Way fail to live-up to these Community Guidelines.


The LOVIT Way brings together a diverse community of beliefs and background and members may disagree with the contributions of others. Disagreeable content does not, by itself, violate these Community Guidelines. Members will violate AHSABC's principles and guidelines where:
  • posts contain content that is libelous, defamatory, harassing, malicious or threatening,
  • posts contain sexual or obscene content,
  • posts promote commercial products or services,
  • posts that impersonate others, or
  • posts contain the personal information of third parties without consent.


The LOVIT Way community is dedicated to Aboriginal Early Childhood Education. Posts and contributions should be relevant to this community and to the development of successful programs across Canada.

*Cultural Sensitivity Acknowledgement

All Nations have their own cultural teachings and stories. Each Inspire experience is being shared with good intentions. You are encouraged to seek guidance and teachings that are reflective and respectful of the community and territories you are in. The intention is to provide inspiration to readers who can then create learning experiences in their own programs.

If you have questions or concerns, contact us by email at

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